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About us

Silesia Plastics established to set new standards in injection molding & highest standards in Customer Care, Quality, Performance & Timely deliveries.

The statement above is the result of the action & measures listed below, we undertake according to ISO9001:2015 and passion for Continuous Improvement.



Experience in Just-In-Time, In-Sequence deliveries

Contingency plans (emergency power line, internet connection, machine replacements)

Stable supplier base (tools, spare parts, tool service, maintenance, production)

World class ERP system

Dedicated Customer Service


Open to invest in more machines


Manufacturing plant located in Bytom, Silesia, South of Poland (Szyby Rycerskie 4, 41-909)

DHL Road Terminal: 22 km

DHL Flight Terminal: 26 km

Katowice: 14 km

Interchange Gliwice – Sośnica*: 22 km

* A4 / A1 Highway Interchange (N,S,W,E)


Chief Technologist with more than 20 years of experience, more than 400 mold tools launched for customers such as BMW, Daimler, VW Group, McLaren, Valeo, Mahle,

Dedicated manufacturing cell with brand new (Q3 2019) hydraulic injection machine with 2,500 kN of clamping force, 3-axis robot, conveyor, dryer, 6 hot runner zones, 2 hydraulic cores, bi-metallic cylinder for all materials and mixes with up to 30% glass fiber, 1t crane,

Industry 4.0 (Process Data Collection, Online Reporting) (customers access)

CCTV on working mold & manufacturing cell (customer access)

Stable cycle times

Online real-time production status & quantities (customer access)

Proper material preparation (drying, coloring)

Cp: 1,90 / Cpk: 1,84

Poka-Yoke (machine parameters controlled by Technologist)

ISO9001:2015 certified

Tool Care Package (inspection, maintenance, storage)


Continuous Improvement


Dedicated assembly cell with operator

Operator trainer for Quality Defects, Measurements, Assembly Instruction

Quality Supervision (according to Control Plan)

Online Real-Time Assembly Reports

CCTV on assembly cell (customer access)


ISO9001:2015 certified


Bulk packaging


Break bulk

Quality Supervision


Available space depends on customer requirements,

CCTV on warehouse (customer access) – Online Real-Time Stock reports